NIKE Women's Pant Studio

In holiday 2017 Nike Women’s launched nine new or updated workout tights and pants as part of the new Nike Pants Studio, a concept designed to give athletes more choice and enhance their workouts with apparel that was made for specific activities. In addition to expanding the styles, they are giving choices for materials, finishes, feel, rises, lengths and features.

The background – UX and Creative came together to deliver a digital led, distinctive, experience for the female consumer that directly aligns to the in-store experience but specifically tailored to the nuances of online shopping. We did this by leveraging SEO consumer insights, solution based content, UX learnings, and the latest design thinking. All of this laid the foundation for the new Digital Pant Studio experience.

The Pages – Built purposeful content that will enable traffic driving methods through app’s, targeted comm’s, SEO, and more.

An ecosystem that includes 3 CDP’s;
They speak to her differently and help the consumer understand our key tights and what NIKE stands for.
Designed as solution based content and product team insight. If the consumer has a problem, we have a solution. As well as inspiration for her outfitting with a new on page shop-able approach.

Also part of the ecosystem was PWH’s that are centered around her needs.